Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Blondes do have more fun.

The two most entertaining people in the country right now are both blondes who have no fear about saying whatever pops into their heads, the delightful Amy Shumer and the dastardly Donald Trump. Shumer has turned the American sex comedy on its ear, and Trump has knocked the Republican dream team of candidates on its collective rear. The real significance of Trump's candidacy is not his strength in the polls, but the way he's exposing the weakness of the rest of the field. Not one of his 16 rivals has demonstrated the guts, gravitas, or public speaking skills to get in front of a big audience, act like a leader, and send the Donald home. And eventually, someone will ask this embarrassing question: "Hey, tough guys, you guys who all want to bomb Iran and anyone else who comes to mind during your morning limo rides, how are you going to handle Putin, ISIS, the Chinese, et. al., if you can't take on Donald Trump?" Meanwhile, I'd suggest that everyone go see Trainwreck. 

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